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Review: “Business Matters” by Elizabeth Frick

Business MattersThis is a review of “Business Matters”, which is based on the author’s blog of the same name.

I’ll have to be honest, I put off doing this review because I was conflicted about this book and because I wanted to take some time to absorb it.

Based on the description of the book, I expected a practical guide to help freelance writers improve their business acumen. To be fair, there are certainly strong elements of that.

But this book is also very much, if not more, a motivational book with tips and anecdotes from the author’s experience. It’s understandable, since the material was adapted from the author’s blog. It’s very well organized, but it still reads very much like a blog and somewhat less like a “how-to” book.

There is a lot of good information in here, if you make a little effort to sift the material. The author provides many useful references but also takes the time to explain the essentials of what she’s referencing. The book is mainly targeted at the freelance technical writing business, with a specific slant toward medical writing and editing. Some of the ideas can be applied to other independent businesses. Continue reading


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