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Review: “WordPress: The Missing Manual”

wptmmReview: “WordPress: The Missing Manual”
by Matthew MacDonald; O’Reilly Media

The Missing Manual series covers practical how-to information for popular topics for which there is no official manual. This book covers the popular WordPress software that powers blogs and websites worldwide. I am reviewing the Mobi e-book version for the Kindle.

I highly recommend this e-book to anyone with an interest in blogging using WordPress. This book is mainly targeted at users who intend to run the WordPress software on their own web server, but even those (like me!) who use the free WordPress site (http://wordpress.com) can get a lot of useful how-to information out of this e-book.

In fact, “WordPress: The Missing Manual” can take you step-by-step from signing up for a free WordPress blog to your own customized and professional WordPress site complete with the plug-ins you’ll need to monetize your blog. Appendix A contains the crucial how-to you’ll need to migrate your existing blog — and more importantly, your followers — from WordPress.com to your new custom site. There is plenty of advice along the way about how to set up your blog’s layout and how to run your blog professionally. Continue reading


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Blog Buffer

It’s been awhile since my last blog update, which leads me right into today’s topic.

It’s no secret that successful blogs update regularly, which I am still trying to manage.  I had intended to post updates over the weekend, but life and a family emergency got firmly in my way and the updates never happened.  Since WordPress allows blog posts in advance, the issue boils down to content, content, content.

Cartoonist and author Howard Tayler of Schlock Mercenary is famous for his “buffer”.  He writes, draws, inks, and colors strips on a schedule well in advance.  In all the time I’ve been following the strip I have never seen him miss an update because he didn’t have content ready to go.  I see plenty of blogs that update daily without fail, so I’m sure they follow a similar routine.  The question is not if you will need a buffer of content ready to post, but when.

I don’t know when I’m going to get my blog buffer in place, but I know I need it.  Do you have a blog buffer?  How far out in advance do you schedule your blog updates?  Please leave comments here!

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