TRON MMO: Redundant?

TRON movie poster from IMDb

I was reading an article on today that talked about movies that MMO fans might appreciate.  The first movie mentioned was TRON: Legacy.

Being an MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) fan myself, and having watched the original TRON (Yes, I’m that old), I think a TRON MMO would be pretty cool to play.  Then the thought hit me: Wouldn’t that be kind of redundant?  A real person playing a computer game as a virtual avatar which represents a virtual avatar of a “real” person in a computer game?

Don’t think about that too hard if paradoxes give you a headache.  Or if neon lighting gives you a headache.

I think a TRON MMO would be visually stunning and the gameplay would be fast, furious, and fun.  I’m not sure whether such a game would be able to compete in the MMO marketplace in the long term, but I’d sure love to try zipping around on a LightCycle.  Who wouldn’t?

Would you play a TRON MMO if it were ever developed?  Leave a comment!


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